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Inside Donnelli's Pizzeria.

Donnelli’s Pizzeria

Donnelli’s Pizzeria is a small, family business run by Emma and Eric, and their passion is clear at every turn.

Emma, who worked in Italy for many years tells us: “My Husband has strived to achieve this pizza over many years and I am very proud of him.”

Emma grew to love Italian food, becoming a big fan of the the ‘Vera Pizza’ – “the true Pizza of Naples”, which is simple yet full of flavour. This is the cornerstone of Donnelli’s’ ‘pizza philosophy’.

Everything at Donnelli’s is as authentic as possible, from the Italian flour and the San Marzano tomatoes, which they import, to the deliberately ‘pure and simple’ menu. Emma and Eric believe that you should be able to taste every element of a Pizza with no one ingredient overpowering any of the others. The toppings are changed seasonally to suit the fresh produce available at the time.

The dough is freshly made every morning to a special recipe in order to achieve the perfect base, and each Pizza is cooked in the wood fire oven at a temperature that gives rise (no pun intended!) to a perfectly crisp-yet-light Pizza.

As well as outstanding Pizzas, Donnelli’s offers a selection of Italian wines and beers and if you still have room, you must try the Italian Ice Cream, produced by the local Parravani family, who themselves moved the Norfolk from Napels in the 1800s.

Another refreshing thing you’ll notice about Donnelli’s are the incredibly appealing prices. Having a big family themselves, Emma and Eric say that they understand how expensive it can be to take everyone out to eat, and so wanted to keep their prices realistic. Favoloso!

Open 12noon – 10pm.

Donnelli’s Pizzeria.

17 Timber Hill, Norwich, NR1 3JZ.

Tel: 01603 568095.